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Suhaldev Rajbhar : The great warrior

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Raja Suhaldev Rajbhar was the great warrior. According to the Gazetteer(Shukla,2003:108), there is a great story of the war between Sayyed Salar Masood and Maharaja Suhaldev. Sayyad Massod was a nephew of Mahmood Ghazanavi. Massod was born in Ajmer in AD 1015. At the age of 16 he started his invasion of Hindustan. He travelled thousand multan to reachDelhi and from there to Meerut, Kannauj and Satrikh in Barabanki. Before arriving at Bahraich, which seems to have been desolated place at that time,he sent Saiyad Saif-ud-din and Mian Rajab,two kotwals(lieutenants) of his army there. A confederation of the nobles of Bahraich threatened the two lieutenants of Massod and tried to push back the army of Islam.

Masood then marched towards the region were at first daunted by the young warrior but gradually took heart and fought against him. But Massod defeated them time after time, until the arrival of Suhaldev turned the tide of victory. Masood was overthrown and slain with his entire follower in AD 1034. He was buried by his servants in Bahraich in the spot chosen by him, where his Dargah was built in AD 1035.

Suhaldev was the eldest son of the king of Sravasti, called Mordhwaj. According to the stories he had many names like Suhaldev,Sakardev,Suhirdadhwaj,Rai Suhrid Dev,Suhridil,Susaj,Shahardev,Sahardev,Suhahldev,Suhildev and Suheldev. But the contemporary print culture he is reffered to as Raja Suhaldev. This article is taken from Rajbharunity. It had spotted major role the great warrior.


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